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我換電話分機了,請問是否要修改網路電話簿呢? I have changed my phone extension. Should I update the online phone directory?

a. 若您仍在同單位,請自行登入單一入口國立陽明交通大學總務處網路電話簿,然後修改自己的分機號碼及所在位置。
b. 若您換單位了,請找原單位的網路電話簿管理人,刪除您的資料。再請新單位的網路電話簿管理人,新增您的資料。
Yes, please update your extension number and location as follows, to facilitate easy lookup by the operator. Thank you! a. If you are still in the same unit, please log in to the NYCU Portal -- NYCU -- Office of General Affairs -- Online Phone Directory and then update your own extension number and location. b. If you have changed units, please contact the online phone directory administrator of your previous unit to delete your information. Then, ask the online phone directory administrator of your new unit to add your information.
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