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1 為何有些姓+名字找不到,但是光用名字反而可以呢? Why is it that some searches using a full name (surname + given name) yield no results, but searching by the given name alone does?
2 我換電話分機了,請問是否要修改網路電話簿呢? I have changed my phone extension. Should I update the online phone directory?
3 我是新進教師(或職員),如何新增我的資料呢? I am a new teacher (or staff member). How do I add my information?
4 我是校內人士, 但此電話簿裡沒有我的資料,或是資料錯了,怎麼處理呢? I am a member of the school, but my information is not in this phone directory, or the information is incorrect. How should I handle this?